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About The Artist - Words from Wilson

Some Words from Wilson...

I have always been a drawer, not an artist really - but a drawer... always drawing stuff.

I have started my endeavours as a business owner after finally admitting that I am over-run with my drawings and wanting the world to know what I can do, not just my family, as I felt it needed to be seen.

I get a lot of inspiration from: movies and music, as well as books. I love trying to absorb everything about something I love and learning anything I can about it. This channels into my work. Although I call it work, I don't really feel or think of it as work... really its just something I need and love to do!

I love to draw heroes. I rarely create artwork of villains, I find that perhaps this is my way of self projecting. I just want to be these epic heroes that I idolise, so I put on my cowboy hat and get drawing them. I feel that is the good I can put out in the world, it may not be saving a damsel-in-distress from a stagecoach robbery or catching Tom Chaney, like in true grit, but its a piece of me, that maybe someone will like, or maybe even inspire someone else the way that my heroes inspired me.

As well as this, I do tend to draw characters inspired by action, as i love a good bit of action! When I draw my or paint my or even carve my artwork, I always have the same mix of tunes on my music playlist. This is usually epic movie soundtracks or other days I might put on an epic movie in the background that I've seen a zillion times and still can't get sick of (these days that usually means that Clints in it).

My pictures are the way they are (I think) because as a kid, I used to love the work of comic artist Charlie Adlard, who used lots of black splodges. I also loved Yoji Shinkawa who used a Japanese brush style on his drawings of soldiers from the metal gear game series, which I loved as a kid, as well as that sort of spray paint style of unusual shapes that make up an image. However my biggest influence was Universals monster movies, such as: The Invisible Man or Frankenstein. As a kid I was completely inspired and wanted nothing more than my little doodles to look like these old black-and-white movies. The contrasts of black and white so stark that sometimes it was just a face and hand on screen clouded in the dark - but it made perfect sense! The shadows on the faces were just so awesome! I just wanted my pictures to make me feel like them movies made me feel, eventually my artwork did. And with every new painting things seemed to get messier and cleaner at same time.

The brown stains in the back helped me to give some abstract form and colour, adding some visual contrast and interest into the images. I do consider my artwork to be almost half abstract in my shapes or 'splodges' as we call them, making up an image. We love that from close up of some of the sections, it looks like nothing, but from a afar, it makes a detailed image.

I create my pictures of western cowboys because I have found that I enjoy the freedom associated with them. The world seemed a freer place and one could - if needed - take the law into his or her own hands. But most of all it feels to me as if there are just so many epic story that haven't been told! A world full of brutality and beauty at the same time. I personally tend to gravitate to movies based in the outdoors, such as: The Edge, Jaws, First Blood or The Good The bad and The ugly. I think that maybe these are things that could happen in our world, but seem so far away from mine - as I'm just a chump in the UK. But perhaps back then opportunity and free world was out there, back then you could just head out west and build your homestead, fending off rustlers and Indians. it just seems amazing to me! And to be honest, I love the hats! so damn awesome! Maybe its about how it seems like a much simpler time. When creating my work, I enjoy the silhouettes of the characters, attempting to create a narrative about the honesty in the work and that the heroes are heroes for the right reasons. I feel like the adventures in that period were just incredible.

Or maybe the truth is that I have no idea why I love them damn cowboys so much! But what I do know is that its what I think about 99% of the time. The guns, the horses, the buildings, the landscapes, and even the moustaches! When I'm painting, carving a lino or drawing for that small space of time, I escape. I am there in the west! Like my own escapism or maybe a sort of time travel - that's my favourite thing. Even for that little bit of time, I could be anyone when I'm creating. From my characters to every little detail of the costumes and horses, while drawing them I feel almost as if I can smell the damn things I know them so well.

its like time travel.....GREAT SCOTT!

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