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Liver eating Johnson - Book Recommendation

Recently I've been reading this epic book at the minute, savouring every damn page. its the epic story of John Johnson: the Crow killing liver eater. They made an awesome movie about the fella with Robert Redford in 1972 and renamed him Jeremiah Johnson - but didn't include any of the gory cannable bits.. probably because its just too horrific man! But it was still a great movie one of my favourites.

...And the best bit is that he was a real fella and its all a true story!

Anyway, the story is a classic western tale or vengeance. He was just a normal fella with proper wit and an adventurous spirit, but he dreamed of being a mountain man and so one day he just up and left! Armed with: a bunch of traps, any other truck that came with being a mountain man and a 30. Cal Hawken riffle (he wanted a 50 but damn shop only had a 30). So off he went to the hills to be free and live the life of the mountain man. he went on a massive adventures and met epic pals along the way, my favourite was a fella was named Bear Claw and as might of guessed from the name, he collects bear clears. He taught Johnson to hunt griz (grizzly bears) and skin just about anythin'. There were encounters with Indians, trading of pelts, and a lot of bear attacks - you just cant believe some of this stuff!

Eventually through a gift to flathead chief he wound up receiving the gift of a woman named 'The Swan'. As it was an insult to refuse the gift from the chief, he had to keep her. After a long hard journey they eventually grew fond of each other and became husband and wife. one winter he set her up in his cabin he had built and went off to the mountains to trap for the winter. When he returned he found her: dead, scalped and picked to the bone by vultures along with the small bones of an unborn child on the floor of his cabin. With so much rage, he had ad decided he must avenge them and went after the Crow Indians that killed his family.

Like a wild man, he went with fury: killing and scalping any Crow Indian he saw and (of course) slicing out their liver out and chowing down while it was still warm!

I cant say anymore because its just too epic - you better go ahead and read that damn thing, don't wanna' spoil it but man! every chapter is the most unbelieve EPIC story, so epic you can't quite believe it!

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