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A4 Lino print, expertly hand carved and printed by British artist Wilson Venables, using his unique and specialised techniques inspired by western culture, American history and Japanese ink work. Words from the artist: “This war chief opposed the white settlers his entire life. As the cousin of Red Cloud, he fought in most of the skirmishes and battles of Red Cloud’s war to keep white settlers of the Boseman Trail (connecting southern Montana to the Oregon Trail in eastern Wyoming) as it was illegally used by miners and settlers to cross Sioux and Cheyenne land. Even after the fort Leramie peace treaty (1868) American Horse continued to oppose the white settlers. At the age of 76 American Horse died, trying to secure his homeland from invaders. Although his war party gathered to rescue him, they did not get there in time…”.

A4 Lino Print ‘American Horse’

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